How-to: Dipped-Tip Chrysanthemum – featured on OH HAPPY DAY!


Dipped-Tip Chrysanthemums PDF Download [1.2MB]

Very excited that Jordan from OH HAPPY DAY featured our book and a special how-to project from us today! We made Dipped-Tip Chrysanthemums in 2 palettes – Spring and Autumn. Download the full How-To PDF from us here or from OH HAPPY DAY to learn how to make them. Try crafting them in any color palette you choose, they look great in both realistic as well as fantastical color combinations. Also check out some of the beautiful paper flowers that Jordan and her team have made here.


2 comments on > How-to: Dipped-Tip Chrysanthemum – featured on OH HAPPY DAY!

  1. Gédane

    Hello, I bought your book, even if I’m French because I found wonderful, I had a big crush and I talk about on my blog, thank you to you for this book, soon Gédane

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