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  1. Janet

    Love your book “Paper to Petal”. Using your sources section I’ve located crepe paper and other needed supplies. HOWEVER, I cannot find floral tape colors — yellow, pink, mint green and metallic. Please suggest a source for these products. Thanking you in advance.

    Janet Clugston

    1. Rebecca Post author

      hi janet, we are so happy you are enjoying our book! unfortunately it can be a little bit tricky to track down floral tape, we wish it was easier too! there are 2 major brands: floratape stem wrap, and atlantic brand stem wrap. the atlantic brand in metallic colors and basic colors is easily available from save-on-crafts.com. while we were working on our book (and had already used mint and pink), we found that some colors by floratape became harder to find. if you have a floral market area in your city with wholesale floral supply locations, they almost always carry that brand, but may not have those colors anymore. this site used to have them, but they only have certain colors now: 2spi.com. you search under ‘F” for floratape. i have noticed some sellers on ebay still carry mint and pink, so you can try that too! if all fails, the easiest thing to do is to use white floral tape, and then cut strips of crepe in whatever color you choose, stretch the strips, then wrap around the stem and glue. hope this helps!

  2. Elaine

    I have just received my copy of Paper to Petal – this is a beautiful book and the projects breathtaking. Probably will never get round to making any of these beautiful flowers but the book alone is just stunning. You are extremely talented and creative. I don’t ever make comments about anything but felt the need to say how special this publication is – anyone thinking of investing – go right ahead!!! :)

  3. Gabbi Sandoval

    Thank you for your book and site. I made my own floral arrangements out of paper flowers for my wedding a year ago and used your book as my only guide and inspiration. Although they were not nearly as beautiful as yours, they were nevertheless a huge success and even today several of our friends and family still have the arrangements up as decoration in their homes. Sending you a link to a photo of my finished flowers with this comment so you can see my novice efforts. Thank you again for the awesome book you’ve created.

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